Hackathon Projects

Safety Score

A web application that provides real-time ratings for pandemic, transportation, and campus safety through an interactive map. Stay safe, wherever you go.


A website to help you offset your carbon footprint from social media use.


An educational tool to help teach about how big things in the universe really are!

Supply Swap

During the pandemic, even simple things like going to the grocery store can be dangerous. Supply swap eliminates this need by making it easy to trade goods with people nearby, and eliminating contact.

Noteworthy App

Summarizes text from an image, organizing it into a concise set of notes


CodeClassroom provides an easy and simple way to test and grade programs written in Java.


A meme maker.

Snacktually Good

A smart snack dispenser that allows the user to control portion size on big bag snacks


A home appliance (light, fan, front door lock) system controlled through hand gestures

A Little Gift

Helps connect people in need to someone who can grant their request

Your Time

Makes a custom schedule from a provided list of tasks, and makes time management a breeze

Toaster Secure

A safe and secure way to lock and unlock highly valued possessions.

Braille Vote

Our Braille Vote machine makes voting easier and more independent for the visually impaired.

Pen Robot

A robot that draws. Controlled by buttons on the body of the robot.

Other Projects

Helloo World

I am working as part of the Software and Technology team on Helloo World, an organization that does activism through coding.


My school team working to build a satellite for NASA's ELaNa program.


A game I created where each person writes a chapter of a story, but can only read the previous chapter.


A Twitter bot I made, which plays games, and gives you stats on your account.

Ezra Bernstein Ⓒ 2021